South Sudan – SCRN News desk 2010

My first ever training is in South Sudan with the Sudan Catholic Radio Network (SCRN). The country is preparing itself for Independence. The Swedish media institute FOJO ( organizes hands-on training with fifteen media houses, print, radio and TV.

I spend two weeks in Juba with the news desk of SCRN ( , which not on only produces the major news but also coordinates the news exchange of eight affiliated stations in South Sudan and one in the Nuba Mountains.

I trained the journalists in writing the scripts and recording their audio clips for the news. I also introduced a daily meeting where the choice of items was discussed as well as the content. Before my interaction, the editor just dished out items and reporters just made recordings without really thinking how to tackle the news.

Two weeks later the reporters were not just recording press conferences but also went to hear the other side of the coin and communication between the members of the news desk had improved.