Radio training in forgotten Nuba Mountains

The people of the Nuba Mountains, in the south of Sudan have only known war, discrimination and total lack of development. The only radio station, Voice of Peace, is run by people who did not have any media education. They learned by trial and error. Regular bombardments and difficult journeys to reach the station have prevented media trainers to go in.

In 2012 I did a short training at the station and five years later I went back for 3 weeks general training. Intense with the whole team, as all journalists have several tasks in the production of the programs. We tackled interviewing technique, news writing, creativity in programs, sounds, alternative ways of tackling a topic and the division of tasks between management members

On a daily base progress was noticeable as the journalists were like sponges, absorbing eagerly all they were told. A real treat for a trainer.

The news is better, the programming more modern, the staff feels re-energised and the listeners are happy.

In the Nuba Mountains are now phone connections, no internet (except some organisations), no tarmacked roads, hardly any cars. Information is crucial in all walks of life and radio is the only tool to get information across to the resilient Nuba people.

A very successful and satisfying training.