Radio programmes on women and children in South Sudan in 2014

Training twelve mainly female journalists from six radio stations in South Sudan to produces a radio magazine about women and children, for women, children and men as well. Also a coordinating team had to be trained to make sure the complicated geographic cooperation would be a smooth sailing.

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting, IWPR, ( in cooperation with Catholic Radio Network, CRN, ( decided on a follow up of the previous and popular Nadhrat al-Shafafa project by three of CRN radio stations.

I trained for two weeks the team in how to make feature stories, how to deal with phone in’s after the broadcast. I tried to incorporate the use of sounds to brighten up the features. Some reporters made used of the variety radio has on offer, others could not be bothered.


We made the first few programs of the 60 that will be broadcast into 2015. But also looked into the rights of women and children and how those could be story suggestions for the program.

It became also a refresher course in basic journalistic skills like handling of equipment, interviewing techniques and editing.

I will be functioning as the editor from Nairobi as materials will be send to me thanks to modern technology.