IWPR: Nadhrat al-Shafafa

The aim of  the Institute for War and Peace reporting (IWPR) was to train journalists at three media houses along the border of South and North Sudan in creating a radio magazine for women, titled Nadhrat al Shafafa’ (Translucent View). At the same time a coordination system was to be put in place for cooperation between the three radio stations. Each station would broadcast magazines of the other two stations, making a total of 58 episodes.

The cross border radio project of IWPR (https://iwpr.net/) was meant to enhance the role and involvement of women from various marginalized communities in fundamental rights issues at the local, regional and national level. The radio magazines should stimulate a debate on women’s issues in the targeted area.


Another objective was to train a group of female reporters of the three stations in the skills of modern radio programs, such as features and vox pops, as well as broaden their interview skills. In Gidel, in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, a shortage of female reporters made a train one male.

After the training I became even more convinced that training while working is a more thorough way of getting information across. Allowing trainees to bring into practice what has been discussed and then looking at the results is a quick and pleasant way. It is easier to point out what they are doing right and what they did wrong, while the trainees are still at it. It works far better than in a class room situation where only theory lessons are given. Trainees are more alert while working and do not have a chance to doze off during the training period.