Free Voice: I-connect children radio 2012

A whole different ballgame at the beginning of the year, Training children in South Sudan how to make radio programs by them, for them and about them. No small task in a country where kids of the shut up when grown-ups are around.  We also trained the facilitators, grown up radio producers in how to work with the youth.

To keep the attention of the youngsters we incorporated some games in between. The training hall was then filled with shrieks of laughter. Together with their facilitators the children managed after a week how to put a program together. It was sometimes hard



To convince the facilitators that the children should have their say. While grown-ups wanted to start the program with the news, the kids opted for drama or a song. So be it, it was their show.

Free Voice ( wanted shows which give children a say about how they see life, with what they struggle and what they wish for. A ways of reaching parents and teachers as they normally would shut up the children. The main themes of the children was the desire for education and to end beatings by parents and teachers alike.